Absolute Trip Boards are high quality boards Made In America. Hand made from start to finish by Ron Neff.  Ron started in the surfing industry in 1989. His experience, knowledge and innovative drive and absolute love of the sport is seen and felt on any board made by Ron. If you want the best, like quality, and have a drive to do more than the average person, then these are the boards for you. Once Ron builds you a custom board, you will never go back to the pop-out, production line board again. The board will be built just for you. Ron consults with all his customers to build for your style, riding conditions, and goal. Give Ron a call 386-689-2037. He is always happy to demo his boards. This also helps you both with the design and shape board you want. Due to the extreme interest in Ron's shapes, he has expanded his shaping facility and as always focusing on quality, customer service, and innovation.

Custom Surfboards and
Paddleboards - SUP (Performance Surf models, Flat water or Race Boards)
Give Ron a call.  Experience the quality and craftsmanship of a board Made in the USA!


A wave is born by wind in the ocean caused by a distant storm. It lives and grows and travels a specific direction only to end its life upon a beach in a spectacular display of energy and power. When you tap into that power and energy and feel that incredible feeling in the last seconds of that waves life, you are never the same.

I surf because "I" LOVE IT it makes me feel unbelievable, it brings me closer to nature, I feel at one with everything for a short moment, I am in total AWE and Peace... I shape surf craft because I want to share that feeling with everyone....
Demos available by appointment.
Phone: 386-689-2037.  E-mail: Captron@absolutetrip.com